The Dell Studio 15 is a 15.4″ screen multimedia laptop offered in multiple colors and configurations. The Dell Studio 15 can be equipped with an Intel Core 2 Duo and dedicated ATI graphics. It comes with a slot-loading DVD drive, backlit keyboard, sleek drop-hinge design, widescreen glossy display and touch sensitive buttons. Software wise the Dell Studio 15 includes a unique Apple Mac OS X launch dock.

* Screen Size: 15.4 inches
* Weight: 6 lbs
* Processor Options: Core 2 Duo
* Graphics Options: ATI Dedicated

Intel’s 2.1GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 CPU is the current default for mainstream performance, and the Dell Studio 15 easily outperformed Dell’s 14- and 15-inch Inspirons with slower 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 processors, as well as the most recent XPS 1530 we looked at, which had an older 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T7500. But for most typical tasks, including Web surfing, working on Office documents, media playback, etc., any of these CPUs would be more than adequate. We’d expect new CPUs from Intel’s Centrino 2 refresh later in the summer.

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Apple iPhone is a perfect combination of style and technology. This internet-connected multimedia smartphone is equipped with all the latest features, such as touch screen, camera, portable media player, and many more. Apple Inc. also launched a complete range of Apple iPhone Accessories to increase the efficiency of the iphone and to add to its performance and functionality. This hi-tech gadget when power packed with Apple iPhone Accessories is maximized in functionality significantly. There are many wholesale mobile accessory exporters that provide excellent quality Apple iPhone Accessories and iPod accessories at unbeatable prices. Here is a list of some of the popular Apple iPhone Accessories:

Apple iPhone Cases and Covers: These very simple Apple iPhone Accessories have been stylized by making new innovations in the designs and fabrics. There area wide range of iPhone cases and covers available in the market which includes leather cases, metal cases, crystal cases and fabric covers. You have a wide choice in colors as well. iPhone cases and covers not only help to protect your expensive apple iphone from dirt, dust, fingerprints, and scratches but also add a glamorous touch to it.

Apple Car Chargers: Apple Car Charger is a must have iphone accessory for people who are always on a move. It provides an excellent solution for people who like to travel a lot by making their iphone handy even when they are on a drive. Apple Car Charger is one of the highest selling Apple iPhone Accessories as most of the people carry more than one iphone cases.

iPhone Bluetooth Headset: Another very important iphone accessory is the iPhone Bluetooth Headset. This wireless device allow you to answer all your calls without any hassle of entangled wires, This amazing device is beyond the customary Apple iPhone Accessories and enhance the functionality of your iphone tremendously.

Apple Wall Chargers: Apple provides an exclusive wall charger for Apple iPhone 3G. It is used for the purpose of charging your apple cell phone at office or at home. It also facilitates cell phone charging while you are traveling. Apple iPhone 3G Wall Charger enable you to charge the battery and use your iPhone simultaneously.

Apple Earphones: Earphones are another great Apple iPhone Accessories to wear with your iPhone. When looking for a pair, choose one that can fit well inside your ear. Good quality earphones should be able to reduce ambient noise and provide excellent bass and treble clarity

This is the best Cell phones. With the iPhone 3G, Apple appears to have fixed some call-quality performance issues we had with the previous model–in our initial tests, the volume is louder with less background buzz than before. The 3G reception could be improved, however. Music and video quality were largely unchanged, but we didn’t have many complaints in that department to begin with.

Price may well remain our largest concern. New AT&T customers and most current AT&T customers can buy the iPhone 3G for $199 for the 8GB model and $299 for the 16GB model. If you don’t qualify for that price–check your AT&T account to find out–you’ll pay $399 and $499 respectively. Either way, you’ll pay $15 more per month ($74.99 total) for a plan comparable with the original iPhone ($59 per month). So, while you’ll pay less outright to buy the handset, you’ll make it up over the course of a standard two-year AT&T contract.

So should you buy an iPhone 3G? If you haven’t bought an iPhone yet, and have been holding out for a new model, now is the time. If you’re a current iPhone owner and you’re yearning for a faster cellular network, then you should take the plunge. But if you’re an iPhone owner who won’t use 3G (or can’t; check your coverage at AT&T), then you should stick with your current model. The iPhone 2.0 software update provides Exchange server support, third-party apps support, and many new features without the added cost.

Social Bookmarking web is a phenomenon that emerged in the last two years. The basic idea is that instead of a user to save from the website links on their home computer, when the store into an online account. Bookmark links in this online account is available in the pages of the website, a link to your website on a social bookmarking site as a back link to your website. Moreover, Social Bookmarking sites are usually high in Google Pagerank Backlink therefore can be a good amount of link value. If there are rumors that Google is a decline in the value that these compounds over the past year is always true that many social bookmarking links can be used to increase the website ranking of your website.

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So, how these compounds for Social Bookmarking. There are dozens or possibly hundreds of this page, but most are Delicious, Furl and StumpbleUpon. Normally you register yourself on these pages, and download and install a toolbar Bookmarking Social Committee in your browser. Then, if you have a website that you like the site that you want to advertise, simply click on an icon in the toolbar, and there is a link in your favorites for you. In some cases, May, you are prompted for additional information on the website is written.

Clearwire (CLWR) definitely has the skill to line up all the powerful partners and clients. The communications service providers has the back support of most of the tech titans such as Comcast (CMCSA), Intel (INTC) and Google (GOOG) and now, Clearwire has a new partner: Clearwire have announced on May 13 that it would begin to buy devices and equipments from none other than Cisco Systems (CSCO), the world’s numero Uno in the making of networking gears.

They have released the financial results the same day and it clearly shows why Clearwire needs friends who are in high-tech places. The company is dealing with slow subscriber growth, widening losses, and has concerns over the pace at which it can enter new markets.

In the first quarter, Clearwire added 25,000 subscribers, which is just over the half the number of new users which were signed up a year earlier as it shifted its focus on new product mix. The company is a leader in technology known as WiMAX, which delivers high-speed wireless Internet access, ended the period with 500,000 subscribers. Sales rose 21%, to $62.1 million, while its loss ballooned to $260.6 million, from $97.4 million. Shares tumbled 10.5%, to 5.09.

Will Cisco Gear meet the corporate demands?

To meet up with the growing challenges, Clearwire CEO Bill Morrow announced sweeping management changes. COO Perry Satterlee stepped down, with the company not announcing a replacement. Bill Morrow, who took over in March, brought in former Lenovo executive G. Michael Sievert as the company’s new chief commercial officer. Clearwire has also appointed Kevin Hart as the new chief information officer and Laurent Bentitou as the new chief people officer, among the other plans to expand the staff by more than 50% this year.
By announcing a deal with Cisco the Clearwire has reserved the most of fanfare. Buying Gear from the vendor might help Clearwire expand in the market for corporations and small businesses, as per Clearwire Chief Strategy Officer Scott Richardson. Currently, Clearwire’s offerings are mainly targeted at consumers.

Cisco’s Linksys division which is mostly involved in making Wi-Fi access points for home will provide a range of devices based on WiMAX technology. It will appear in the market later this year. Cisco is also expanding its consumer device range and has recently acquired Flip camcorder maker Pure Digital Technologies.

Cisco is eyeing for WiMAX Network Business

Clearwire is also all set to line up its end user gadgets. They have Samsung who will be releasing the WiMAX enabled laptops this summer.
Cisco assumes that the agreement may perhaps open doors to more WiMAX network businesses. Cisco has tried hand in WiMAX since its 2007 acquisition of WiMAX equipment vendor Navini, but it has yet to make its place in the market valued at $1.8 billion last year and dominated by Motorola (MOT), Alcatel-Lucent (ALU), and Alvarion (ALVR) lately. Earlier this year, Cisco said it had won several WiMAX contracts in the Eastern Europe.

The agreement is also to boost up the WiMAX technology. Few of the WiMAX’s and Cisco’s hold it will be predicted on how successful Clearwire will be in attracting users and competing with the current carriers like AT&T and Verizon Wireless in mobile broadband. But the collaboration with Cisco might turn out to be beneficial for Clearwire and remove some of the uncertainties.

With everything about telecommunications slowly becoming digitized, Time Warner Cable can provide just what you need. Digital cable, phone and high-speed Internet are all the things it can give you. Honed and tested telecomunications company that is known for quality service in their products as well as quality customer services is Time Warner Cable. Furthermore, the company is well known and holds a reputation of customer satisfaction for many years.

Many entertainment options are provided with digital cable. You are going to be able to choose from hundreds of channels in addition to a large number of High Definition stations. For a completely new level of sound and picture quality, in fact, you can find most of your favorite stations offered in HD. You also can choose from a number of different programming options in addition to basic cable, there are extended and even specialty packages, which can provide you with everything you need to customize your cable television viewing preferences completely. Choose between many channels including sports, music and movies with digital cable. Specialty channels might be available depending on the location. Time Warner Cable also offers a DVR as part of their digital cable packages. DVR allows you the freedom to choose when you want to watch by allowing you to record your shows whenever they are on and watch them when you want too.

Time Warner Cable also offers all digital phone capability and services. You have not heard a great phone call till you have tried digital phone service. Nothing can match the clarity of digital phone service. With a digital signal the sound is broken into packets, transferred then reassembled identical to the original. Traveling over lines will never cause a loss of signal. You can relax that you will get your favorite features in your digital phone service, and it won’t cost you extra.

High-Speed Internet is now the standard for internet in the digital age, Time Warner Cable provides some of the best service when it comes to digital cable high speed Internet. You can enjoy lightning fast speeds and all the benefits that go with it including being able to download files and upload them quickly. Cable high-speed internet allows you to watch streaming videos on your computer screen just like television.

Time Warner Cable lets you bundle three great services: digital cable, high-speed internet, and VOIP, all from an established company that is highly regarded for its service and support. If you are looking for a company that is going to provide you with the best when it comes to digital services as well as provide trusted customer service and reliability, consider looking at the services offered to you by Time Warner Cable. You enjoy the advantages of digital service with a company that is trustworthy. Get all three services, cable TV, Internet, and phone from Time Warner Cable for one low monthly fee with Triple Play Savings

Most writers’ dream of being able to write full-time and get paid for it. Unfortunately, writers who pursue writing as a career find out quickly that they must spend a great deal of time writing before making much money at it. Their dream seems far out of reach so the writer ends up taking a regular job and puts off writing until they can find enough free time.

These days, blogging offers a different method for making money as a writer. Most bloggers make money blogging by placing Adsense ads on their blogs or by recommending affiliate products to their readers, products which are related to the topics in the posts.

There are pros and cons involved with blogging and the potential of earning a full-time income depends on how the writer takes the good with the bad. One of the good things about blogging is that it doesn’t take a huge amount of writing to begin generating some income. Income is made from blogging as a result of how many people read your blog and respond to it by taking action on the writer’s recommendations.

Can you make a full-time income from blogging? It’s certainly possible, however, it won’t happen overnight, not unless you spend twelve to fourteen hours a day blogging and have a huge number of people visiting your blog, reading and buying the affiliate products you recommend or clicking the Adsense ads on your blogs.

Earning a full-time income by blogging usually requires working at it full-time, including some overtime here and there. It’s not a part-time thing you can just do a few hours a week and expect to be rolling in dough. Plus, if you write original, intriguing content, which generates discussion among your readers, you’ll be on your way to earning a full-time income from blogging.

There you have it, if you enjoy writing, or aspire to becoming a professional writer, give blogging a try! It could turn out to be a way to generate an income from Adsense or by recommending affiliate products. As a bonus, you may even achieve fame, as well as a reputation as a great writer.