Search engine optimization, SEO is emerging as one of the vital components of web designing services. Earlier, web design used to be a three step process, which involved preparation, modelling, and implementation. Today, thousands of new pages are indexed by search engines every day. Securing a high ranking will ensure a better exposure, heavy traffic, and of course, increased rate of conversions. SEO, thus, forms an underlying layer which needs to be implemented in every step of the new web designing process.

Use these tips to maximize the results of your SEO process.
Use of TITLE and META Tags
One of the most important aspects of SEO and recommended by all Search Engine Optimization Firms is the usage of TITLE tags. Use this tag on each page of your website. META tags also play an important role in SEO. Descriptions and robot .txt attributes are combined with the META tags to manipulate search engine results. It is a good practice to add a brief description about the page and use appropriate keywords all through the page content. You can also use the IMG ALT tags to provide image descriptions, which will help you in the optimization process.
Link building
Always link your website pages with keyword driven internal text. It is advisable to change the keyword versions for different pages. Each page of your website should be linked in such a way that it functions as a gateway to navigate all the pages of your website through these internal links. Additionally, add URLs to each link that contains a variation of the description or title of the page content.

Keyword �”rich Content
Ideally, 8% of the words used in the website content should have keywords used in different variations.
It is a difficult affair to get the right kind of keyword density for your website content. Stuffing of keywords is also not appropriate since it might be considered as spam and thus, might be ignored by the search engines. Keywords should be woven across the content in such a way that they meet the target of keyword density and also appear naturally through the flow of the content.

H1 and H2 Text areas
The page layout s displayed by the H1 and H2 text areas, which is basically a table of content that is presented to the search engines. These text areas should be keyword based because it is these texts which will indicate the content subject to the search engines. HTML comments can also have keywords as according to the SEO expert opinions, these keyword rich comments also help in suckering higher Search Engine Rankings.