Finding the best hosting servers for your website is the key to get the maximum out of every dollar of investment. Virtualization has enabled hosting companies to offer the best server systems to clients at competitive prices. Today, the best performing servers come along with a wide range of services and tools that help in better performance of the site.

While selecting from the offers, web masters should be careful about claims of cheap and unlimited performance abilities. Many a times, the cheapest on offer may not be suitable for your site. Some of the hosts cram a lot of sites into the same server, making it easier for them to reduce prices. It is a known fact, that a majority of independent web servers are under utilized. Hence, unscrupulous companies look to make a fast buck through such false claims. The best of server packages are those that suit the web space requirement, provide reasonable bandwidth, allow development of the desired number of sites and support the access to a large number of databases.

The location of the target audience also determines the host server to be selected. Across the world, there are regions that are conspicuous, due to the operating systems, database tools and home computer softwares that are used. A simple example is the use of Access as a database, in areas where a majority of users have it on their computers, thus making interaction between websites and users become easier and faster. A medium scale business may be well served with 50 to 200 GB of disk space, 1000 GB bandwidth, MySQL, Postgre SQL databases, PHP, Perl, CGI, phpMyAdmin, CRON Access, SSI, and so on.

The advent of virtual hosting has indeed changed all the former methods and introduced the concept of economics of scale. The packages involve a combination of servers that provide a flexible computing power and data transfer speed, so as to cover up for any spike in Internet traffic. Hosts have a variety of methods to lease out servers. They include dedicated servers, shared hosting, collocation and reselling. All these cater to specific clients and their needs with the appropriate rates per month. Dedicated servers are the best for the hosts and clients. They are easy to be secured and maintained with no overlap of network usage between different websites. These may be managed or unmanaged depending on the need of the clients. For the client, a managed server is preferable, since maintenance and repairs can be quickly carried out by the host. Dedicated servers provide the best possible security against Internet base and physical threats. Maintenance is crucial, since there may be no backup onto another server.

The concept of shared servers is best, while serving medium sized sites that do not require much space. The host company has an advantage to gain maximum returns through maintaining a single server hosting multiple sites. Shared servers are more prone to attacks, since there is a central system that controls every allocated section.

Collocated servers are also available for those clients, who want to lease the entire server housing. This improves security, although the onus of maintenance, repairs, and power supply lies with the client. This may prove better than dedicated servers, because of the freedom to upgrade and modify server functions, whenever required. For those clients interested to get low cost hosting can look for resellers. The concept is aimed at utilizing maximum available space and avoiding redundancy.