Social Bookmarking web is a phenomenon that emerged in the last two years. The basic idea is that instead of a user to save from the website links on their home computer, when the store into an online account. Bookmark links in this online account is available in the pages of the website, a link to your website on a social bookmarking site as a back link to your website. Moreover, Social Bookmarking sites are usually high in Google Pagerank Backlink therefore can be a good amount of link value. If there are rumors that Google is a decline in the value that these compounds over the past year is always true that many social bookmarking links can be used to increase the website ranking of your website.

It is also true that the Social Bookmarking sites have been set up so people can their bookmarks. Therefore, the people on your favorite website simply by using other people bookmarked links on these pages. How can your site an amount of social control through the inclusion in this Bookmark this page and redirect the traffic on this way.

So, how these compounds for Social Bookmarking. There are dozens or possibly hundreds of this page, but most are Delicious, Furl and StumpbleUpon. Normally you register yourself on these pages, and download and install a toolbar Bookmarking Social Committee in your browser. Then, if you have a website that you like the site that you want to advertise, simply click on an icon in the toolbar, and there is a link in your favorites for you. In some cases, May, you are prompted for additional information on the website is written.